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Are Dental Implants Safe?
Mason, OH

Image of a man looking at his smile after a dental implant placement, at Fox Dental Excellence in Mason, OH. Dental implants have been used for more than half a century and are effective and safe. Designed to behave and look the same as normal teeth, it is difficult to differentiate between them and natural teeth. Choosing a well-trained and knowledgeable dentist will ensure that you have a safe dental implant procedure. It is important that you and your dentist review your health history and the habits that may affect the success of the dental implant. Our dentists at Fox Dental Excellence are highly skilled at placing dental implants. They will ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed during the entire treatment.

Key Factors for Success in Dental Implant Surgery

There are numerous key factors that can contribute to dental implant surgery success. The patient needs to have a healthy and strong jawbone to support them. If the patient's jawbone is not dense enough, then the implants may not fuse accurately with the bone, and this could lead to implant failure. What’s more, the overall lifestyle habits and health of the patient can also affect the success of dental implants. For example, smoking can decrease blood flow to the jawbone and increase the risk of implant failure. Therefore, it’s essential to discuss any potential risk factors with the dentist before undergoing implant surgery.

Dental Implant FAQs

How is a Dental Implant Inserted?

Dental implants are metal screws constructed using titanium materials. During the procedure, the patient is first administered a local anesthetic injection to ensure that the patient is comfortable during the process. The gum is cut so that the underlying bone is exposed. A hole is then drilled on the jawbone and your dentist will attach these metal screws to your jawbone. The gum is then put back into place and you wait for about three to six months to heal. Oral health professionals often use crowns that are inserted above the implant.

Can You Replace All of Your Teeth with Dental Implants?

Yes, you can choose to replace the entire set of your teeth. The procedure is called a multiple tooth implant. Full-mouth dental implants can be more functional, comfortable, and longer lasting when compared to dentures. With a full arch dental implant, you just need four implants to replace the teeth in the lower jaw and the procedure can be performed in a single day.

How Much is the Cost of a Single Tooth Implant?

The average cost of a single dental implant normally ranges from $2,000 to $4,500. This price is well worth it since the dentist will create a customized, permanent solution for missing teeth. Moreover, there will be no more complex oral health problems or additional risk of cavities later. That’s why most patients consider having it done.

Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants

Dental implants are safe, and you can be a potential candidate for dental implants. All you need is to be in good hands with a reliable dental implant clinic. At Fox Dental Excellence, your safety is our ultimate priority. We are highly skilled dentists, and we are ready to assist you. Call us today at (513) 398-3322 to schedule your consultation.

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Are Dental Implants Safe • Mason, OH • Fox Dental Excellence
Our dentists at Fox Dental Excellence are highly skilled at placing dental implants. They will ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed during the entire treatment.
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